Do good, live great™


My philosophy is simple—do good, live great. I believe everyone is born to be great. Greatness is not just for a few people or the outliers. My life mission is to help people discover their talents, align them with their passions, and set a course in life to do good. Using our talents and passions to lift others is my definition of greatness. It's time to discover you life mission and unleash it for good. Right now, at this very moment, there is someone who needs your positive light, your talents, and your passions. 


Never give up


Never give up when life gets tough. I know it's hard to keep moving forward, but that's were the real journey begins. Take a deep breath, dig deep, and move one foot in front of the other. This is the key to overcoming life's mountains. My life has had challenges and failures. Overcoming these challenges have made me stronger and more humble. I know the storms will pass, the blue skies will appear, and the sun will warm your soul. You'll stand on top triumphant. Never give up, never.

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Treat people awesome


Treat people awesome. This is a simple yet powerful principle. Treating people awesome means helping people build personal confidence, helping people grow their skills, helping people succeed, and helping them overcome life's obstacles. Treating people awesome is my daily pursuit and a driving force in my day-to-day interactions with family, friends, colleagues, associates, and business partners. Treat others as you want to be treated. 



Push yourself


My greatest moments in life are when I have push myself beyond what I think is possible. To do accomplish this, start by surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and recognize your true potential. I'm grateful to mentors and coaches who believe in me and push me to become better. They recognize my potential and give me specific feedback to succeed in life and business. Always push yourself to become better.



Strike Balance

True success for me comes from living a balanced life of work, family, friends, church, and recreation. Striking a balance in life is the true measure of success.





Be in motion daily. Motion is a powerful tool I use to succeed in life. It comes with a lot of positive benefits. Motion gives me energy. It gives me creative power. It helps me solve problems more quickly. It keeps me level-headed. It gives me strength to overcome life's challenges. The types of motion I use are: swimming, biking, running.


Great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great.
— Mark Twain

Be positive


Be positive everyday. Confront life's challenges with a positive attitude, life is too short to focus on the negative. Positive attitudes make big things happen.





Abraham Lincoln said, "There is no better exercise for the human heart, than reaching down and lifting someone else." I believe in giving back to help others succeed. My life has been blessed by countless acts of service towards me and I strive to return that favor. I believe as we serve others, we understand who we are and enjoy the real purpose of life.


Perform Like A Champion


To perform like a champion, you must practice like one. All success in life requires hard work and lots of practice. There is a lot to be said of the person who practices like a champion each day and is prepared to perform when the opportunity arises.