Deliver Happiness


My business philosophy is simple—deliver happiness. This starts by taking care of two important assets, the employee and the customer. All strategies and resources should be focused on delivering happiness to employees and customers. The best companies in the world build the best products which are built by the best people. 




The most successful companies in the world march to toward the same vision and mission. They start with a clear vision and a strong mission to make the world a better place. To accomplish big visions, missions, and organizational greatness, it requires all departments to be aligned around strategies, goals, metrics, and KPIs. If everyone is marching towards the same mission, you will achieve big results.

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A solid business model is the foundation for success. A good model helps you understand the key levers that drive your business forward. It helps you cut through the vanity metrics to the metrics that matter. A solid model helps you forecast revenue growth, plan your momentum, mitigate risk, drive return, and achieve profitability. 



Build a Strong Foundation


While climbing, every move up the wall or mountain requires a strong foundation or foot hold. You can apply that same principle to building a business. Make sure you take the time to build a strong business foundation on marketing, sales, finance, product, customer experience, client success, and employee satisfaction. 




Enjoy the business journey. Take time to enjoy the views, celebrate the victories, and smile down on your progression. Enjoy the ups as much as the downs. Be patient when obstacles or hard times arise. Keep focused and dig deep. Enjoy the journey.



 Be opportunistic

The one trait I find in all successful people is their ability to be opportunistic. My dad taught me that the worst thing someone can say is no. It's important to seize opportunities that present themselves in our lives and give it 110%.




Be patient


Patience is important to succeed in business and life. Many times you can want success now with out putting in the time and real effort. It's easy to grow impatient when things aren't going your way.  Be patient. I believe all great things come to those who patiently wait and work hard. Surfing has taught me this lesson. If you can learn to read the waves and be patient, you'll catch the right wave that will leave a smile on your face.