Deep Powder Skiing

Nothing Like Deep Powder Skiing Under Blue Skies

Have you ever had this experience?

You’re setting on an airplane and look out to see those big billowing clouds. You ask yourself what it might feel like if you could jump into them and float on them. To me, the closet thing to that reality is skiing deep powder.

What is Powder Skiing?

My definition of powder skiing is simple. First let’s define the word powder. Powder is new fresh snow. The more it snows the deeper the powder gets and that is what every skier wants—light deep powder.

In Utah, were lucky to ski deep and light powder often. This year (2019), it snowed almost every week for the past two months. That is why the tagline on our license plates read, “Greatest Snow On Earth.”

The video below is an example of skiing deep powder in Utah on a bluebird (blue sky) day.

Ski Floating on Powder Clouds

Every skier dreams of powder skiing in deep and light snow. It feels like you are floating on clouds or the closet thing to having that experience in the real-world. Also, skis have gotten wider over the years, which allows skiers to ski deep powder in a strong skiing stance. This makes powder skiing even better than ever. Come visit Utah and experience skiing deep powder.

Nothing better than skiing the greatest snow on earth!

Until the next adventure.

Be safe and have fun!