Running the Coast of Ireland

You'll Never Regret a Run, You'll Regret Snoozing Your Alarm

I never regret waking up for an run, but I regret every time I turn off my alarm and go back to bed. Set a goal to get up on your first alarm. It helps to be consistent by going to bed and getting up at a consistent time. If you do this—it will get easier and easier. It will become a habit. A habit that will have a positive impact on your life. This is easy when you're at home, but how do you continue the habit when you're traveling on business?

The Startup Grind

Last week I was in Dublin, Ireland on a business trip. Each day was early to rise and late to bed. Once I got done with business and networking in Dublin, it was a late night working and collaborating with the team 7 hours behind in Utah. I call this the startup grind. It's energizing! You also need to balance the startup grind with family and exercise. For me, running is my rebalance medicine. I bring my running shoes with me on each business trip and use running to discover the place I'm visiting. 

Trail Running Close to Dublin, Ireland

Being in Dublin, I knew just outside the city was some of the most beautiful places to run. I asked people I met, "Where is the best place run that is close to Dublin?" Many people told me Howth, Ireland, which is a hour train ride from Dublin. Around 13 euros roundtrip. So early one morning, I set the alarm and headed with our CEO to the coast of Ireland to run the Cliff Walk Trail.


The Cliff Walk Trail

You'll take the train to the Howth, Ireland. You'll get off on the last stop of the train station which is Howth. Once you get off the train, you'll follow the road right outside of the train station in the direction of the sailing ships. It will take you about around 2 miles to arrive at the trail head. Before we headed up the trail, we stopped at the cliffs next to the beach. Ireland is green and it's cliffs are big. The Cliff Walk Trail is a 4 mile loop.


At the start of the trail head, you'll begin a small incline of about 400 feet of elevation gain. This will take you to the an overlook of the port of Howth. Then you'll leave the city behind and follow a pretty flat trail that is perfect for a run along the beautiful cliffs and coast of Ireland. Exactly what I hoped for. Once again, beating the alarm clock and the snooze button had huge benefits.


Then I was off, running along the beautiful Cliff Walk Trail of Howth, Ireland with the cliffs and the coast at my side. The breeze was perfect and because of a bus strike—the trail was empty. 


Each trail has a character. It has a voice and a tone. The Cliff Walk trail has been around for hundreds of years and you could feel it. This is the one thing I love about trail running. Once you leave the city limits—a whole new world opens up. 


The Cliff Walk Trail in Howth, Ireland comes with some pretty amazing views of the coast. You need to be careful. The trail falls off quickly and it's a long fall to the ocean.


The countryside along the trail is full of flower and berries. We even stopped and ate the black ones. 


If you continue on the trail you'll come to the famous Howth Baily Lighthouse. This is a very pretty view of the ocean and the bay. 


The Cliff Walk Trail on the coast of Howth, Ireland was a hoot! 

Running really gives me energy. As I run, I enter the creative zone. I feel a burst of confidence and energy come over me. It pays to get out and get in motion every day. If you're feeling down or stuck in a life rut. Get off the couch, turn your Netflix off, and start to get in motion. From walking, to jogging, to running—just start. If you do this, you'll start to feel an increase of energy and personal confidence. What a great day running on the coast of Howth, Ireland.

On to the next adventure. 


I write these blogs in the hopes to help others find happiness by getting outside away from the TV, Internet, and Social Media. To help others find new energy and happiness by feeling fit and in shape. The earth is the greatest gift—go out and explore it.

Photos taken using the Canon 6D with the Canon 50 mm 1.4
Bag I run with to carry the camera is the Lowepro Nova 160 AW