New Perspectives Off the Beaten Path

How to Find New Life Perspectives Off the Beaten Path

I have spent my whole life exploring the trails, chutes, and peaks of the Snowbird Ski Resort. Snowbird is located up Little Cottonwood Canyon in the heart of Utah's Wasatch mountains. The views from the top of Snowbird's peaks are spectacular, inspiring, and breathtaking.

Travel Off the Beaten Path

Just off Snowbird's beaten path is one of my favorite gems—the summit ski hike to the top of Mount Baldy. The Mount Baldy summit hike caps the north-south ridge which divides Alta and Snowbird resorts. It's only accessible by hiking just off the beaten path. Mount Baldy stands at 11,068 feet tall and is only available to ski on certain days of the winter.


See New Perspectives with Clarity

There is power in seeing life from a different perspective. It might even mean going off the beaten path. Stepping outside the box takes courage, faith, and determination. There's a lot to learn from taking a road less traveled. 

My Journey to the Summit of Mount Baldy

On a sunny March afternoon, I left the well groomed trails of Snowbird to pursue a new perspective, a new vista. I took Chip's access cat track to the High Baldy Traverse. I entered through the marked ski patrol gates and started toward the Baldy summit. After 10 minutes of hiking along the ridge, I turned around and witnessed the new perspective of the mountain. The view provided clarity and direction. I continued to push toward the summit.


Hiking toward the top of Mount Baldy was very satisfying. Instead of just relying on the ski lift to get to the top, you get to push yourself until you arrive at the summit. Some of the greatest moments in life come when you push yourself to accomplish something that isn't easy.

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You find out why they call it Mount Baldy as you approach the last thousand feet of the climb. The top of the summit is flat with very few trees—baldy. As I continued to climb, my perspective became very interesting. I could see where I started, where I was, and where I was going. I wasn't at the top yet, but continued to push to gain more perspective off the beaten path.


Once I arrived at the summit of Mount Baldy from off the beaten path, I could see for miles. I could see paths and routes over mountains that once seemed impossible. It helped me recognize new ways to overcome obstacles that stood in my way. This new perspective gave me new strength, energy, and clarity. Many times it's when you step off the beaten path, that you discover the new perspectives that can make a big difference in your life. Remember to never give up. When life seems too hard or obstacles impossible to overcome, step back and find a new perspective.

Pictures were taking using the GoPro Hero4 Black on time lapse mode.