4 Secrets of the Most Productive People

Learn 4 Secrets of the Most Productive People

So what are the secrets of the most productive people? Is it working more hours, staying later at work, or putting in more time towards a certain activity? Actually, the most productive people in the world make the most of their time. They are able to find the productivity zone often. They feel the daily adrenaline rush of getting things done. So if it's not working longer, what is their secret?

I recently read an article by Margaret Hefferman, serial entrepreneur, on the secrets of the most productive people. Here is what I learned from Margaret.

4 Secrets of the Most Productive People

I agree with the three secrets that Margaret talks about and have added one more of my own.

1. They Take Breaks

"It is easy to think you will get more done if your never stop." Margaret talks about neuroscience. That if we don't stop and take breaks we can get resource depleted which causes us to get stuck and be less creative. "Taking a break refreshes your mind, allowing you to see new solutions."

2. They are Great Collaborators

Margaret said, "Highly productive people tend to have wide networks. They get more done by bouncing ideas off colleagues, clients, and other contacts". I agree with her. Some of my most productive moments have been working together with colleagues or friends. Everyone provides a different angle, a different point of view that helps productivity.

3. They Have Lives Outside of Work

"Highly productive people have balance in their lives. They have interests outside of work and hone different skills that let them think differently." I totally agree with this point. Our greatest ideas, most creative thoughts, and best problem solving rarely happen in front of the desk. We have to get in motion. The most successful people are the most balanced.

I would add one more.

4. They Prioritize their Work and Activities

Being productive is not about getting 20 things done. It is about getting things done that add the most value.  During each day, there is typically, one or two things that are most important. Get those done first and you will truly be productive. Feel the adrenaline rush of getting the right things done.

There you have it. The secrets to being truly productive. Are there any other ways? What are some of your secrets to being productive?

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