Three Ways to Positively Take on Life

Learn Three Ways to Positively Take on Life

Life tends to have ups and downs. It’s easy to be happy when life’s great, but it takes a different approach when you’re faced with a tough challenge. When you're faced with a tough challenge, start moving forward with a positive attitude. You'll need to tell yourself that you’re going to rise of above it, that you’ll overcome the challenge.

During a difficult time in my life, I heard the song “Riser” by Dierks Bentley. The songs talks about being a riser in life. Having a riser attitude will help you positively take on the challenges of life.

Be a Riser

So what's a riser?

Dierks Bentley describes the characteristics of a riser with these lyrics:

"I'm a riser. I'm a get off of the ground, don't run and hider. Pushin' comes to shove, I'm a fighter. When darkness comes to town, I'm a lighter. A get out aliver, of the fire, survivor.” 

The whole song reminds you to dig deep, never give up, and move forward no matter what life throws at you.

Below is a list of the riser characteristics.

Characteristics of a Riser

  • Rise Each Time You Fall
  • Have a Never Give Up Attitude
  • Be the Light in the Dark Room
  • Give Others Hope
  • Fight for the Good Things in Life
  • Learn from Your Mistakes
  • Set Your Goals High
  • Give 110% Everyday
  • Overcome Tough Challenges
  • Seize Each Day
  • Help Others Rise

Now we understand some of the characteristics of a riser, here are three ways to be a riser and positively take on life.

3 Ways to Positively Take On Life

1. Rise Each Time You Fall

Doing hard things and rising up to meet your true potential means you're going to fall and make mistakes. Many times they're little mistakes and many times they're big mistakes. Not matter what, rise up.

We need to rise each time we fall or make a mistake. It first starts with doing our best to make things right and then moving forward—rising.

I've learned that no matter how hard we fall, it's getting back up that feels the best. I know it's hard, but you can do it—be a riser.

2. Light Up the World

Even though you may be going through a difficult challenge in life, look for ways to help others. This will help take your mind off your current circumstance and give you energy. As you help others, you'll find happiness. Not only will it help the person you're serving, but it will help you. Service is the happy medicine that works 10 out of 10 times.

3. Learn to Love

Learn to love more. I know this sounds cheesy, but it's true. When you're going through difficult challenge, learning to love others for who they are and who they want to become will help you rise. Love breaks down hate, differences, and life challenges that seem impossible. Spend time each day learning to love those around you. Who doesn't need a little extra love?

If you’re currently facing a difficult life challenge, be a riser. Confront your challenge with courage and know that if you’re patient, persistent, and determined you will rise. 

Be a riser.