5 Techniques Top CEOs Use to Transform Companies

Learn Five Techniques Top CEOs Use to Transform Companies

I had the privilege of interviewing Robert Reiss, author of The Transformative CEO. Reiss has interviewed over 250 of the world's top CEOs. His new book sums up the top techniques CEOs use to transform companies, reinvent industries, and reboot societies. He also has a weekly nationally syndicated radio and TV show called "The CEO Radio Show" & The CEO TV show. You can check out his latest CEO interview here

Become a Transformative CEO

Reiss said, "The transformative CEO is obsessed with company culture, customers, innovation, and leadership."

Five Techniques Top CEOs use to Transform Companies

I asked Reiss, "After talking with so many CEOs, do you see trends in ideas or techniques they use to be successful?" Reiss said, "Yes, there are trends in ideas, strategies, and techniques they all use."  Here are my top five."

1. Have a higher purpose: The top CEOs focus on the higher purpose of why they are in business and it is not just about making money. Top CEOs make sure every person in the company understands the higher purpose. This drives greatness in people.

2. Embrace challenges/obstacles: Top CEOs embrace every challenge/obstacle as an opportunity. They know that every obstacle will help their company grow and become strong. 

3. Focus on the culture: Before they focus on the customer, the top CEOs focus on their company culture. If the company culture is strong than employees are happy, creative, and innovative. Happy employees creative positive experiences with their customers.

4. Learn from other industries: Many times other industries have already solved the challenges you may be facing. Top CEOs spend time learning from other industries.

5. Make the best product: Make a product or service people will tell their friends about. Don't cut corners. Build the best product and experience. Become the best product means the top CEOs finds ways to consistently improve and innovative on their strong foundation.

Robert Reiss is awesome. His passion to share the insights from the best CEOs is admirable. I'm glad I got to meet and speak with him. His book,The Transformative CEO, was super insightful. I highly recommend it to any CEO or business owner looking to transform their business. Each chapter of the book talks about a technique and then walks you through example after example of how top CEOs approach it. After reading the book, I feel like I have been personal mentored by the world's top CEOs.

You can buy "The Transformative CEO on Amazon here.