Truths of Team Management Success

Learn Two Truths that Will Help Your Team Succeed at Work

Your ability to build strong teams of talented, smart, and engaged team members will make or break your company. It will be the difference between ok results and great results. To build a strong team, it first starts with knowing two truths team members bring to work each day. I've been talking to Ty Kiisel, a good friend and Forbes writer, about these truths over many months. Below is a summary of our thoughts on two important truths that make a positive impact on team member engagement and business success.

Truth #1 - Every Team Member Wants to Do a Good Job

No one wakes up in the morning and says, "Today I want to do a bad job." The truth is that every person wants to do a good job. This is where you come in. As a manager, you get to positively or negatively impact that statement daily. 

Start with this. 

Look at each team member with this phrase in mind, "Today, <insert team member's name> wants to do a good job. How can I help them do that?"


Start to recognize the good work of each team member. Be specific with each compliment. You can't just come up and say, "George, good job today." Be specific. "George, thanks for taking the lead on the product launch strategy. Your analysis and recommendations were very clear and spot on. I am excited to execute what you suggest. Awesome job."

Define their role clearly.

The more clearly defined a team member's job or role, the more consistent they will be at achieving a "Good Job". Once again, this is where you come in. Each of your team members should be able to say, "My role today is to <team member inserts what they focus on each day>."

Truth: Each team member wants to do a good job.

Truth #2 - Every Team Member Wants to Win

The truth is simple, but very powerful. Each team member comes to work to win. Here is where you come in. 

Start with this.

Look at each team member with this phrase in mind, "Today, <insert team member's name> wants to win. How can I help them do that? Are there any obstacles I can remove to ensure they win?"


Define what a win is. In sports we do this everyday, we clearly define how to get points and how to win. Many times managers forget to clearly define what a win looks like. Not only that, but they forget to teach teams to learn to recognize and celebrate wins. This is key.

Define a win clearly.

Each team member should have three to four metrics that define daily wins. They need to be role specific, measurable, and drive results to the business. Each team member should be able to say, "My daily win metrics are <insert daily win metrics>." Clearly defined daily wins will drive daily success, engagement, and happiness.

Celebrate wins, even tiny ones.

Once your team members understand what it means to win. Start celebrating. Many times wins go unrecognized and uncelebrated. It you want to create a winning team environment teach your team to recognize and celebrate wins, even tiny ones.

Truth: Each team member wants to win.

Engaged Teams Win

As a manager, you are only as good as your team. You can't do everything. You can't be every where, nor should you want to. Winning teams utilize the strengths and talents of their team members. Winning team managers utilize the two truths we discussed above.

Remember the two simple truths to team management success:

Every team member wants to do a good job and every team member wants to win.