Circle All Peak and Higher Places

Breathtaking Views Come When You Push Yourself to Higher Places

Thanks for reading my adventure blog. Each week I share insights from what I learn on life's adventures. Some adventures are big and some are small. My goal is to help inspire others to get out of their house, experience nature, and get in motion. 

Motion creates energy and with energy you can do anything. You can be who you want to be. You can overcome the challenges that are in front of you. One of my favorite places to get in motion is in the mountains. I love the lessons they teach. Mountains teach you how to overcome life's obstacles. We all are confronted with different mountains (challenges). Be patient and move forward. You'll soon find yourself on top of the mountain you never thought you could climb.


Backcountry Skiing Circle All Peak

My friend Rob invited me to summit Circle All Peak on skis. Circle All Peak is located in Utah up Big Cottonwood Canyon. You start at Butlers Fork which is 7 miles into the canyon. You'll see a pullout to the north on the left side of the road. That's where you'll get ready, test your beacons, and begin your ascent. 

How to Approach Circle All Peak

You start the summit by following the stream up through the pines—heading north. You'll continue for a while until you reach quaking aspens trees. You know you've arrived because it becomes flat, but not for long. Now you'll want to take a left and head west up West Butler Fork heading to West Butler Saddle. This entire ascent will be through quaking aspens trees. Once you hit West Butler Saddle you'll take a left and head south along the ridge until you reach Circle All Peak. The view from Circle All Peak is amazing. You have a 360 degree vista of the famous Wasatch Front Mountains.


Enjoy the Journey

Once you start backcountry skiing, you quickly learn to enjoy the up as much as the down. During our backcountry ski tour, Rob brought two of his daughters, another Dad and his daughter, and I was the sixth wheel.


One of my favorite things about a ski tour climb is the time spent talking about life and getting to know each other. You spend a few hours on the ascent, so it makes for great conversations. You also walk at a nice gliding pace, so you really take in nature and the beauty that surrounds you. I love that. 


The View is Worth It

To reach the summit of a mountain it takes hard work, patience, and determination. It also takes stops along the way to rest, regroup, and then push forward again. Life and its challenges are like mountains. The most important thing is that we get up each time we fall and move forward. You'll be surprised on how much you'll grow if you just focus on moving ahead, not looking back. The view forward is worth it.


The Rush of the Summit

Because reaching the summit isn't easy—the last steps before you reach it are energizing. You get a second wind and once you reach the summit, you feel complete satisfaction. The rush of the summit makes the journey worth it. All the hard work and motion forward to reach the summit brings with it a state of gratitude and thankfulness. You're reminded that difficult times (the climb) won't last forever. You're reminded that you can arrive at any summit, over any mountain by simply moving forward six inches at time. 


Pictures were taken using the Canon 6D