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X Games Story that Inspired a Gold Medal

This is the second blog of the series called Surround Yourself with Believers. You can read my first blog here

Find Your Life Mission

Our mission in life should be to discover our talents. Each of us have been given a unique set of talents and skills. Our personality combined with our talents make each of us unique. The combination makes each of us great. After we discover our talents, we need to align them with our passions. Our talents aligned with our passions will guide our life, give us fulfillment, and help each of us achieve our life mission. 

Surround Yourself with Believers

The next important step—surround yourself with believers. Believers are those who know your skills and talents. They see your potential and help inspire you to work hard to achieve it.

Henrik, You Got This

A perfect example of this occurred behind the scenes at the 2013 X Games in Aspen, Colorado between Tanner Hall and Henrik Harlaut.

Let me set the stage. Henrik was in first place at X Games Big Air competition. As he walks up to do his final jump, he gets a pep talk from Tanner Hall (7-Time X Games Gold Medalist). Tanner understands Henrik talents and skills. The exchange between Tanner and Henrik was recorded behind the scenes on a GoPro and is inspiring to watch. 

Watch the clip below of the exchange:

But I Can Win Without It

To me one of the most game changing lines from the exchange was when Henrik says, "yeah, but I can still win without doing it." Tanner's response,  "I know you can do this, you got this! Believe in yourself, believe in your skill. You know exactly what your are doing. Let's put it in the history books. Let's take skiing to the next level!"

You Got this Son

As you watch the video, you can see the words start to have an impact on Henrik. He even smiles back at Tanner. As Henrik gets ready to take his run you hear Tanner say, "You got this son!" 

Henrik skis down and does the world's first ever Nose Butter Triple Cork 1620 and claims the X Games Gold Medal. I watched this live on TV and it was incredible. 

They Key

In life each of us will have naysayers. There will be those who don't care to understand our talents, our skills, our potential,  or what we will become. Don't waste your time with them. Discover your talents, align them to your passions, and surround yourself with believers. We're all meant to do great things in this life.  

"You got this son!"

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