Brand Positioning Statement

Learn 7 Steps to Create a Clear, Crisp, and Strong Brand Positioning Statement

Do you have a brand positioning statement?

A business at any stage needs a strong brand positioning statement. This statement needs to be known by everyone in the organization. A clear brand positioning statement helps marketers and companies rise above the competitive noise and articulate the value they provide to their target audience.

What is a Brand Positioning Statement?

A good brand positioning statement articulates who you help (your target audience), the pain that exists, how you solve the pain, and why you're better than the competition.

Be Specific

Here are some best practices to consider as you write your brand positioning statement.

Be specific. From a B2B perspective, you should be able to clearly state who and what department who target and help. You'll also want to be specific on the ideal company revenue and team size. From a B2C perspective you want to be specific to the person you help. Being specific will help you clearly articulate why you exist and the value you provide.

Seven Steps to Write a Strong Brand Positioning Statement

1. For who:

Who is the customer you target and help? Like I mentioned above, be specific.

2. Who need what:

What is their pain? What painful use case do you solve for your target prospect. Be specific.

3. Your product:

What is your product? The name of your product.

4. That provides:

How does your product solve your target prospect's pain?

5. Unlike competitors:

Unlike the competitors that (insert their weakness). You can list out a few competitors.

6. Our product:

Our product (insert competitive positioning). What makes your product superior to the competition?

7. The company:

This is last powerful statement about your company that adds the punch to seal the deal.

Now It's Your Turn

Get ready to start writing your brand positioning statement. Start by writing sentences that link each of the seven steps together. This exercise might take a couple of days. Don't rush. Do this for a couple of days and you'll have a strong brand positioning statement that your company and team can rally behind. You can always refine it as you begin to use it, but get started today.

Depending on your market, there are five marketing positioning strategies you can use to help position yourself against the competition. The best competitive advantages are durable and lasting. Is your step 6 durable or is it easily copied or displaced?