Loyalty and Discipline

The Arabian Horse Leadership Story of Loyalty and Discipline

Some of the greatest leaders throughout history have embodied two important characteristics: Loyalty and Discipline.

1. Loyalty: Great leaders are loyal to their people. Their teams, groups, or followers feel this loyalty through actions and words. These leaders are always looking out for the betterment of those whom they serve. They live by the motto, "If my people succeed than I succeed."

2. Discipline: Great leaders have the discipline needed to be precise and patient in decision making. Instead of just jumping to a decision, they carefully think out their plans and actions. They make disciplined decisions that help their teams catch the vision of their motives and the precision of their plans.

The Arabian Horse Story

Thinking about these two important leadership characteristics, I am reminded of a story one of my friends told me about Arabian Horses.

"It has long been said that horses in Arabia go through a rigorous selection process. To live in this hot, desert climate, one depends on unfailing obedience and loyalty of his horse. The horses are tested in order to select the very best.

For one of the tests, the horses are worked hard for three days with no food and very little water. At the end of the three days they are placed next to the corral where there are troughs of clear water and hay. They horses thirsty and fatigued, see the food and water and strain against the gates.

When the gate is opened, the horses gallop toward the troughs. Just as the first horse reaches the trough, a whistle is sounded for the horses to return. The horses that take a quick drink before returning to their masters are eliminated. The horses that are chosen are those without hesitancy obey their master's command and return."

Just like the Arabian horse, the leaders that make the biggest impact on their organizations are those who have built loyalty and discipline among their teams and followers.

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